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For All Kings *          Dystopia
 Anthrax - For All Kings     Megadeth - Dystopia

Repentless          The Book of Souls *
        Slayer - Repentless        Iron Maiden-Book of Souls

Weekend Man          XI *
  Royal Republic              Metal Church - XI

              - Weekend Man

Some favourite Classic Albums (Buy the CDs):

Our Live Album Is. Your Live Album [PA]        Paranoid [Deluxe Edition]
       Reel Big Fish            Black Sabbath - Paranoid

              - Our Live Album

Collection II          Number Of The Beast
Misfits - Collection II              Iron Maiden    

                                     - Number of the Beast

War On Errorism          Reign In Blood [Expanded]
NOFX - War On Errorism       Slayer - Reign In Blood

Rust in Peace          Among The Living
Megadeth - Rust In Peace           Anthrax             

                                       - Among the Living

and thousands more through our Fishpond affiliation
all with FREE DELIVERY within Australia

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We can now offer TWO online stores: our Merchandise Web Store for exclusive Riot FM merchandise
and our Fishpond Online Store for music, DVDs, books, and heaps of other stuff.
With FREE DELIVERY within Australia on all purchases from both stores!

Visit the Riot FM MERCHANDISE Store

Just click on the banner above to go to our Merchandise Web Store.

Now you can buy Riot FM gear - from T-Shirts, Hoodies, Badges, Caps.. even stubby holders, along with a range of official band T-Shirts (including the Riot FM House Band "Blood weasel". We also have an exclusive range of Riot Art prints from local artist Joel Ray.


Check out our merch store and order some gear today!

Visit the Riot FM FISHPOND Store


Click on the Fishpond Banner above to go to our Fishpond Online Store.

The Riot FM Online Store allows you to purchase CDs of your favourite bands through our affiliation program with Fishpond.You can even buy iron-on or sew-on band patches. (As well as books, movies, stationery, beauty products, toys, sporting and outdoor products, jewellery, kitchen products, homeware and lots more!) With FREE DELIVERY on all purchases and absolutely Australia's Lowest Prices!

Click on the Fishpond Banner above to visit the Fishpond Australian site, with which we have an affiliation. Then for CDs use the All Categories dropdown and click Music then you can choose from our collection of over 320,000 titles. And remember Fishpond offers Free Delivery within Australia.

Items purchased through the Riot FM Fishpond Store are in Australian dollars. Fishpond is a fully secured site and accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club, Pay Pal, even bank transfers and Cheques. Commission earned by us by your purchase through the Riot FM Fishpond Store site helps us stay on the air!

Gift Vouchers:

Can't decide on that special gift for someone? Easy! Buy a Fishpond Gift Voucher.
Simply click on the gift banner above.

Gift vouchers are available in $20, $30, $50 or $100 vouchers and can be applied to any purchase on Fishpond. If the full amount is not used the balance can be used on subsequent purchases. There are two delivery options available - after you add the voucher to your cart you will be given the option to choose whether you want to send your voucher by email or post.

About Fishpond:
Huge Selection: Fishpond works with suppliers from all over the world* to bring you a huge range of great products (over 25 million in fact!) that you often can’t find on local websites or in stores, at great prices, including free delivery. [* Since we don’t hold stock ourselves, we do rely on third parties. Occasionally they make mistakes (we are only human) meaning a product we thought was in stock may be unavailable — in which case we’ll let you know as soon as we can and work through options with you.]
Worldwide Reach: Our goal is to reach all our customers, wherever they may be across the globe. To achieve this, we have taken away all traditional geographical barriers so that it doesn’t matter where you live, Fishpond can deliver right to your front door.
Great Prices: We work with our suppliers everyday to ensure that that Fishpond is the best place for our customers to shop and find what they are looking for, all at the best price possible.
Delivery is Free: Yes, delivery really is free on all items! Because we are moving items all over the world, sometimes things pop up that can slow things down, but we will be sure to keep you up to date and you will know exactly when you can expect your items to arrive.
We know what we're doing: We’ve been in the online shopping business since 2004 so we know what we are doing, and we guarantee that you can trust us, our products and our service.

The Riot FM Store Terms & Conditions

Please note: If you purchase products through Fishpond, your legal relationship will be with Fishpond and not with Riot FM. You should check any terms and conditions and the costs and charges involved on the Fishpond.com.au website. You use our links to Fishpond.com.au at your own risk and therefore agree to indemnify Riot FM against any security breaches or any other problems that arise from payments through such third party sites. Riot FM does not control the legality, quality, safety or timeliness of any product or service that is purchased as a result of the use of links on our website.