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"The 12 Best Songs of
the Past 12 Months"

Our Yearly Anniversary Show

Although we first went to air on Friday 4th March, 2016 {hear our opening here},
our Official Launch was Saturday 7th May, 2016.

So to celebrate each Anniversary
, Rohan Khan Brown, chooses his
[Note: There are a number of embedded videos on this page, so be patient as the page may take a short while to load.]

FIRST Anniversary Show
(May 2016-April 2017)

Broadcast Friday 5th May 2017
Download the First Anniversary Show.

The 12 Best Songs May 2016-April 2017 in no particular order:

Veer Union - "Defying Gravity"

Paul Gilbert - "Everybody Use Your Goddamn Turn Signal"

Gehennah - "Too Loud To Live, Too Drunk To Die"

Cilver - "I'm America"

Holy Grail - "No More Heroes"

Ortario - "Forté"

Volbeat - "The Devil's Bleeding Crown"

Jones The Cat - "You Bore The Shit Out Of Me"

Face To Face - "Bent, But Not Broken"

Ignite - "This Is A War"

Audio Only
In Motion - "My Kind Of Woman"

Royal Republic - "When I See You Dance With Another"

SECOND Anniversary Show
(May 2017-April 2018)
Broadcast Friday 11th May, 2018

Download the Second Anniversary Show.

The 12 Best Songs May 2017-April 2018 in no particular order:

Davey Suicide - "Rise Above"

Greta Van Fleet - "Highway Tune"

The Night Flight Orchestra - "Gemini"

Alestorm - "Fucked With An Anchor"

Body Count -"Black Hoodie"

Frenzal Rhomb [Aust] - "Cunt Act"

Biters - "The City Ain't The Same"

The New Roses - "Life Ain't Easy For A Boy With Long Hair"

Russkaja -"Hey Road"

The Pits [Aust] - "Killers"

Doll Skin - "Daughter"

Jones The Cat [Aust] - "Bitter Prick"

THIRD Anniversary Show
(May 2018-April 2019)
Friday 3rd May, 2019

Download the Third Anniversary Show.

The 12 Best Songs May 2018-April 2019 in no particular order:

The Pits [Aust] - "A Place To Hide"

Bakers Eddy [Aust] - "Sad/Happy"

The Kids [Aust] - "School"

The Casualties - "1312"

The Donald Trumpets [Aust] - "Guys, I'm Syrias"

Greta Van Fleet - "When The Curtain Falls"

Dead Sara - "Unamerican"

Wilson - "Like A Baller"

Clutch - "In Walks Barbarella"

He Danced Ivy - "Spitting On Infinity"

Halestorm - "Uncomfortable"

Nekrogoblikon - "Dressed as Goblins"