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  Lass O’Gowrie  
  14 Railway Street

  Click here for
Lass O'Gowrie Hotel Upcoming Events

  The Hamilton Station

  2 Beaumont Street

  Click here for
Hamilton Station Hotel Gig Guide

  King Street  
  15 Steel Street

  Click here for
King Street Gig Guide

  The Badger's Lair  
  17 National Park Street

  Click here for
The Badger's Lair's Events

  The Newcastle Hotel  
  139 Maitland Road

  Click here for
The Newcastle Hotel Events page

  The Small Ballroom  
  48 Watt Street

  Click here for
The Small Ballroom's Events

  Anna Bay Tavern  
  124 Gan Gan Rd,
  Anna Bay

  Click here for

Anna Bay Tavern Gig Guide

  Lambton Park Hotel  
  19A Morehead St,

  Click here for

Lambton Park Hotel Event Page

  Mayfield Bowling Club  
  2a Ingall Street,

  Click here for

Mayfield Bowlo Gig Guide

  Northern Star Hotel  
  112 Beaumont St,

  Click here for

Northern Star Hotel Event Page>

  Seabreeze Hotel  
  1 Stockton St,
  Nelson Bay

  Click here for

Seabreeze Hotel What's On Page

  Shoal Bay Country Club Hotel  
  35-45 Shoal Bay Rd,
  Shoal Bay

  Click here for

Shoal Bay Country Club Gig Guide

  Stag & Hunter Hotel  
  187 Maitland Rd,

  Click here for

Stag & Hunter Upcoming Shows

  Wickham Park Hotel  
  61 Maitland Rd,


Wickham Park Hotel Facebook Events

  Newcastle Live

  ..and for other gigs check out
Newcastle Live's Gig Guide

Newcastle Live