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These are the new tracks we've added to our High Rotation Playlist during the weeks noted,
replacing tracks that have been moved into general play categories.

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w/c Monday 19th June:

Beast Machine - "Dirt in The Ground" (Australian)
Buy Beast Machine'S "Beast Machine" CD through Bandcamp

Davey Suicide - "Rise Above"
Buy Davey Suicide's "Made From Fire" CD through Riot FM

Hailgun - "Visual Pollution" (Australian)
Buy Hailgun's "Hailgun" CD through Bandcamp

Havok - "Intention To Deceive"
Buy Havok's "Comformicide" CD through Riot FM

Nightrage - "The Venomous"
Buy Nightrage's "The Venomous" CD through Riot FM

Warbringer - "Silhouettes"
Buy Warbringer's "Woe To The Vanquished" CD through Riot FM