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"New tracks we're playing... "

These are the new tracks we've added to our High Rotation Playlist during the weeks noted,
replacing tracks that have been moved into general play categories.

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w/c Monday 4th October, 2021

We've dropped 21 new songs into our general playlists. If you'd like to comment on any of them you can go to our Feedback page or make a comment on our Facebook page.

Oceans and Omens [Aust] - "Deliverance"
5 Perth based metalheads getting together to follow the in the Aussie metalcore tradition!
Visit Oceans and Omens' Facebook page

Religion of Fire - "Scars on My Heart"
Ukrainian “Fire Metal” band formed in 2015, these guys just submitted their new track!
Visit Religion of Fire's Facebook page

Emerald Woods [Aust] - "Sugarcoat"
Melbourne synth punk artist with a raw/dirty sound!
Visit Emerald Woods' Facebook page

Freedumb - "Get Away"
If you dig the Pro Skater soundtrack, you’ll dig these Norwegians!
Visit Freedumb's Facebook page

Homeless Radio - "I Don’t Care"
Euro-indie band putting out some down and dirty tunes.
Visit Homeless Radio's Facebook page

Side Note - "Make Over"
Oregon-based pop punk band putting out some high energy, easy listening tracks!
Visit Side Note's Facebook page

Enock Eunuck - "Nånting är jävligt skevt!" ("Something's damn crooked!")
Swedish DIY punk band rooted way back in the 70s and 80s scene.
Visit Enock Eunuck's Facebook page

Society of Beggars [Aust] - "Dance the Evil"
Adelaide born and Melbourne based, Society of Beggars
are pumping out some new post-grunge tracks!
Visit Society of Beggars' Facebook page

Synaescope [Aust] - "God Complex"
Sydney-based post-hardcore band putting out some highly-produced tracks.
Visit Synaescope's Facebook page

Gents on Loan – "From the Start"
Candian pop-punk band who submitted this months ago!
Visit Gents on Loan's Facebook page

The Datsuns – "Dehumanise"
New Zealand hard rockers with some kicking new tracks!
Visit The Datsuns' Facebook page

Jamoan - "Σ’ένα Κόσμο Μαγικό" ("In a Magic World")
What else can be said? This track from Greek artist Jamoan slaps
and I can’t wait to hear it on air!
Visit Jamoan's Facebook page

PistonFist [Aust] – "Rise Up"
Brissie heavy rock band putting out some riff-intense tunes!
Visit PistonFist's Facebook page

Well? [Aust] – "Speak"
Newy prog-trio’s 7th single. Always happy to support locals!
Visit Well's Facebook page

Radio Rejects [Aust] – Shermer, Illinois"
You’ll never guess where this band hails from…
That’s right, NSW!! They won’t be rejected from our radio.
Visit Radio Rejects' Facebook page

Planet of the 8s [Aust] – "Holy Fire"
Stoner metal out of Melbourne teaming up with King Carrot (Death by Carrot)
bringing you some desert sounds
Visit Planet of the 8s' Facebook page

Crypt Crawler [Aust] - "Delirium"
Time for some old school style death metal out of WA!
Visit Crypt Crawler's Facebook page

Treebeard [Aust] – "8x0"
Melbourne post-rockers churning out some dirty tunes.
Visit Treebeard'S Facebook page

Dr. Colossus – "Lard Lad"
I may have won the Simpsons trivia night at the @seabreezenelsonbay,
but I could never write an album quite like
‘I’m a Stupid Moron With an Ugly Face and a Big Butt
and My Butt Smells and I Like to Kiss My Own Butt’!

You can’t stay away from Death Mountain when they’re banging out these awesome tunes. Visit Dr. Colossus ' Facebook page

Burial Pit [Aust] - "Lord of Limbs"
Sydney death-sludge band Burial Pit is here to basically murder you with music.
Visit Burial Pit's Facebook page

Wishful Thinking [Aust] – "You Can"
Melbourne punk rockers dropping some fire tunes to skate to!!
Visit Wishful Thinking's Facebook page

Stay Awake – "One Stone Away"
Headbangers from Bangkok banging out the bangers you love!
Visit Stay Awake's Facebook page

Didactic [Aust] – "Twisted Truth"
A Melbourne band teaching you that punk’s not dead!
Visit Didactic's Facebook page

w/c Monday Ist June, 2021

We’ve dropped 156 NEW SONGS submitted by bands directly or by record labels into our Currents High Rotation Playlist, as well as 116 new tracks in our 2nd Tier High Rotation, and we've also added another 27 tracks to our Trash category. If you want to check them out you can download the XL sheet with the full list here with links to the band’s YouTube video:

Click to download

w/c Monday Ist June, 2020

We’ve dropped 185 NEW SONGS submitted by bands directly or by record labels into our High Rotation Playlist. Too many to list here, BUT if you want to check them out you can download the Word document with the full list here with links to the band’s Facebook page and to their YouTube video:

Click to download